April 25, 2016

A Girl's Entitled to Change Her Mind

We won't be changing books in May, after all. We will be reading The Secret Daughter by Shilpa Sowaya Gowda.

April 20, 2016

April - Behind The Beautiful Forevers and A Change of Books for May

Despite only one person reading the book & one other person reading part of it, thanks to Linda also bringing in a synopsis of the play by the same name, we did manage to get in a bit of a discussion about this book and the situation in India. The scale of the corruption and the number of people living in abject poverty in the slums is mind boggling for people who live in the suburbs of of a Midwestern U.S. city.

If you didn't read it, if you can find a copy through the library, I do highly recommend that you give this one a shot. There is so much here to think about beyond the poverty. For example, compared to what they might have if they lived in the countryside or a higher economic class, the women have a surprising amount of freedom and power within their neighborhood.

***The book for May has been changed - we will now be reading The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar***

April 2, 2016


If you look at the list of books for the rest of the year, you may notice that there have been a couple of changes later in the year. Last month we discussed adding The Boys In The Boat, which fits right in with our theme of reading books that help us learn about things, so that's been added in November.

In August, I've changed in Anna Quindlen's latest, Miller's Valley, which is one of her best ever, as well as being a book with so much to discuss and which fits in with our other theme for the year of love.

I told you at the beginning of the year that there might be changes along the way as new books caught our eyes!