June 2, 2012

May Meeting - So Much For That

That title pretty much sums it up. Three of us were at the meeting and none of us had finished the book. Lisa got the furthest but her copy had been thrown across the room repeatedly. Sure there is a lot to talk about in this book but mostly we talked about how little we liked it. Too much going on, too much whining, too much anger. Was Shriver trying to stir up emotion, to intentionally make her readers angry? Or did she really just not research her topics well enough to be accurate?

Glynnis' attitude as she dealt with cancer and treatments, while understandable, was hard to read. It made it hard to empathize. It also gave us a much greater appreciation for the grace and strength Eleanor showed throughout her own battle with cancer. Where Glynnis was unceasingly bitter and difficult to be around, Eleanor was truly an inspiration.

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