May 20, 2012

April Meeting - The Coffins of Little Hope

Our April book was Timothy Schaffert's The Coffins of Little Hope. Almost everyone had read it, or most of it, and all enjoyed it. Schaffert's writing style was very popular and his characters were a hit with the readers. Was Lenore real or not? We came to no conclusion. One of Lisa's favorite passages when she read the book a year ago was on the opening page and it turned out to be one that really grabbed Linda as well. She read it aloud:

"I still used a manual typewriter (a 1853 Underwood portable, in a robin's-egg blue) because the soft pip-pip-pip of the typing of keys on a computer keyboard doesn't quite fit with my sense of what writing sounds like. I need the hard metal clack, and need those keys to sometimes catch so I can reach in and untangle them, turning my fingertips inky."
It was great to hear the passage read aloud. Made an excellent point for "reading" this one on audio!