February 6, 2012

January Meeting: Well That Was A Bust!

Four of us met in January to discuss Nicole Krauss' The History of Love and I think I'm the only one that even liked it - no, I know I'm the only one that even liked it! Poor Jill took it with her on a trip to Colorado. It was the only book she took and she just had to force herself to read it!

It was unanimously felt that the book was difficult to follow and those of us that finished the book thought the ending was odd. I wondered, at the end, if Bruno was even a real person or a figment of Leo's imagination. Anyone read this who wasn't at the meeting and have a thought on this? I really liked Leo, I felt so sorry for him. Here was a man who went out everyday just to make sure someone would notice that he was alive that day. No one else really connected with any of the characters.

Everyone seemed to be looking forward to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for February. There is so much to discuss in this one. The story of the family, the amazing science, the writing, the ethics. Hope you all get a chance to read this one and join us to discuss it. We're going to try to do some Skyping; Barb wants to join us. She has a friend from work who will, hopefully, be joining us!

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Mari said...

I bailed on The History of Love, after listening to 2 CD's. I thought it was the narrator but after reading your recap... I think it was the book.

Sorry this didn't work for anyone.