September 26, 2011

Our September Selection - The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht

Well, this is embarrassing! We read the Pulitzer Prize winner most years, but this year we decided to make a change. After Mari had read Jennifer Egan's A Visit To The Goon Squad and hated it, Ellen recommended we read Orange Prize winner The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht.

Two days before our meeting, it was discovered that only one person had actually even started the book. By the time of our meeting, two of us were about two-thirds of the way through the book, a couple of people had started it and a couple of others still had plans to read the book. The two of us that were well into the book did recommend that the others read it. Both of us were interested in the way Obreht had woven so many stories into one larger story and were particularly taken by the story of the deathless man.

Having since finished the book, I stick by my recommendation of a week ago. I do suggest that once started, readers make a point to finish the book relatively quickly as it's easy to be confused about where you are in time and place.

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